Monday, April 19, 2010

Deep Blue Sea 2 LAUNCHED!

About a year ago my brother asked if I could help with some game graphics for a game called
 "Deep Blue Sea 2".
I knew the programmer Brian as a very talented, hard-working and funny guy and was happy to join the team.

We all had very high ambitions and I am very proud of our game.
It looks good, it's devilishy fun and addictive and basically just kicks ass!
Go check out the free demo and buy the game (very cheap I might add) and support the starving game developers :)

Here's some art from the game... these are also available as desktops in different sizes on our site


  1. Hi Emil! How the FUCK are you man? Cool blog u got there. By the way, Paul Bonner is at you studio????? Holy crap!!! You got some really important talent gathered in that studio eh?
    My email is:

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