Sunday, November 8, 2009

iPhone art

Just got my new iPhone and immediately got hooked on the
'Brushes' app. It's very intuitive and fast.
I painted this with my finger, but my Pogo stylus pen should
arrive in the mailbox any day. yay :)

It is sooo funy I don' even feel like going back to the 'real'
computer now...
if only it could save the pictures in slightly higher resolution.

Anyway... when painting on a futuristic device like this, the
first piece had to be sci-fi...

Boss Goat

I just found this old piece while searching through an old harddrive.
It is one of my only comic drawings ever. It was a tribute to my friend and colleague Tommy.
There was a saying in the office that whenever Tommy was listening to his music it sounded like he was slaughtering goats.