Friday, March 27, 2009


A couple of years back I was asked to do some steampunk
concept art for a new game project.

unfortunally the company went bankrupt.

It was a really cool looking project.
Alas - since the project doesn't exist any longer, I get to
show my train.

woot woot...


  1. well, it's nicely drawn..
    it seems the engineering compartment is behind a lot of stuff and they would not be able to see the tracks.
    if they're up front, near the rail and the bell, and they turn to work the valves, then they're staring into the giant lamp.
    so, I don't think I'd want to drive one.
    suggestions might be to move engineering forward and maybe to one side.
    with an engine that big, the stove pipe might be a bit larger, or have more of them, like exhaust on a motorcycle.
    a safety ring around the ladder might be nice, but not at all necessary. if I were an engineer on the thing, I'd want one.
    I bet it'd squish a nickel as flat as tinfoil. :-)

  2. Hi Mockingbird and thanks for the comment.
    I wasn't really that concerned by what they would be able to see in a real life situation, but more interested in designing the thing so it looked cool and most of all BIG.
    Actually I had moved the little controller cabin to one side for the exact same reason... I'll see if I can find that sketch and post it.
    But apart from that you are so right... they wouldn't stand a chance steering this thing :)

  3. Hi Emil,

    Really nice to see some updates on your blog. You are so truly talented. Everything is awesome. Respect.

    Hope to work with you one day.

    :-) Morten Even

  4. Really nice work! I'm glad I discovered your blog!! Your fantasy illustrations are wonderful.


  5. Can I borrow this? My 2 year old son is mad on trains and I want to make him a t-shirt that says "Steam...Punk" with a train in the middle.


  6. Hi Jen - Sure you can.
    As long as you don't telle anyone, or sell it or use it any other way I should see no problem there. :)

    Please send a photo of the tshirt... could be fun to see!

    Best regards

  7. Gorgeous sketch! Well done. Shame the game didn't go ahead.

  8. That's really cool! Very unique.

  9. Wow, this is very inspiring!

  10. Whoaaaaa!!!! Your Amazing!!!!! This is the kinda stuff i want to do when i get older!!!! i see stuff like this in my head all the time... its just a little hard to get in onto paper, ha! I also look at Jo Mad as an inspiration for fantasy drawings and concept art.