Thursday, March 26, 2009

The light bulb men and the mushroom fairy

This was a fun assignment.
I had complete freedom to paint whatever I wanted, as
long as it has something to do with:

1. two children
2. a time machine
3 a mystical place

So... this was the picture that popped up in my head.

I really hope nobody ever tries to analyze this picture.
Not that I know what messages lies beneath this perfectly normal
scene, but I have this nagging feeling that it's right there - the
message. Like my dreams.
They are always so simple and cliché like me running around
trying different masks... Not very David Lynch!

Now you can get the Mushroom Fairy as a poster, or greeting card, or iphone cover, or what have you.
Go buy it here at once. Yes. that was an order.
Oh... and tell all your friends about it.

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